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I have to list my favorite bands from TO. Toronto and Buffalo are very close, 90 minutes if you hit the traffic right, and many of the great Toronto based bands have cut their teeth playing in Buffalo. In Buffalo we definitely get special treatment, being the closest big American city to this great Canadian city, we often have 1st crack at proving grounds for their talents. Both cover bands and original bands go back and forth across the 4 bridges linking the Buffalo area to Southern Ontario. I myself have played with a few Canadian bands over the years, its a great experience. Canada may be another country to most of the U.S. but, in Buffalo we treat Ontario like our back yard. One of the great advantages of living in Buffalo.
Top on my list, no doubt, the Godfather of Canadian bands.  I have to put Rush on top, because they were here many times, Rush played in bars here in the 70s' and the Old "Aud" after that.  Rush has always had a very dedicated following in Buffalo, and I know they enjoy playing here. One tribute, if you look at the 80's album Exit Stage left you will see a stage shot of  Buffalo's own Memorial Auditorium . no kidding. Look at the Pic below!
That is Buffalo Memorial Auditorium on the right in this pic. "The Old Aud" Rush's Exit Stage Left Live Album
Fronting the quasi psychedelic band "Max Webster" Kim Mitchell emerged from Sarnia Ontario, over the river from Detroit. Max Webster played great music in the 70s until Kim decided to go solo in the 80s. Kim's' blend of pop, rock and off the wall hooks with great guitar playing are a favorite of people looking beyond the norm. Kim Mitchell has been satisfying audiences in Buffalo for a long time, packing houses etc. Just check out his website. Most Buffalonians remember Kim and Max Webster opening for Rush way back when. Between jamming guitar Kim keeps busy doing the afternoon show on Q107.1 Toronto, its easily picked up down in Buffalo and its always a treat to hear his great war stories from the road, and of course "Damn I wish I wrote that". Kim no longer tours all through the U.S. but, I guess he can't resist coming down to Buffalo, once in a while, since we are very close to home. and we keep Bugging him!!!

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If I had my way, I'd shuffle off to to Buffalo; Sit by the Lake and watch the world go by.
John Fogerty 1985