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Meet Nick:

Born, raised and schooled right in the City of Buffalo, more geographically Buffalos East Side, I have an interest in seeing Buffalo return to its former glory. I have always been both shocked and confused in the changes that changed Buffalo from once 8th largest U.S. City, through its decline and into the Buffalo we have today. Whether it was politics, evolution, or changes in the world, at this point, we need to look ahead, not behind and create change and share in the exciting future of this great city. The wheel is set in motion and I see the changes underway that will eventually build Buffalos Renaissance.  This website echoes that and hopefully squelches some of the doubt and negativity of those both within and outside of this great city. Hopefully most will learn something and take a different view of this gem hiding in plain sight!

My old neighborhood, wasn't always the East Side, that in fact a negative connotation by those who know little about Buffalo. It was called Bailey Delavan or Schiller Park area and Pine Ridge Delavan for those in bordering Cheektowaga. This neighborhood was home to many successful businesses, and important prosperous people, many of which i will display here. 

I attended St. Lawrence Catholic parochial elementary school, along with the church, which I still attend. Later I attended Bishop Turner/Carroll Catholic high school and later Bryant & Stratton Business Institute, Erie Community College and Buffalo State College.

Some of the businesses that were famous from this neighborhood were Costanzos Bakery, Hanzliens Sausage, Amigone Funeral Homes, Salvatore's Italian Gardens, Scharf's Schiller Park famous German restaurant, Franco's Pizzeria, Louies Texas Hots and others.

In my spare time, besides updating this website, I enjoy  traveling, especially to visit my family in Italy, I taught myself to speak Italian, French and Spanish. I also love playing guitar, and am looking to get another band going. So If you know any musicians contact me! Especially drummers.


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If I had my way, I'd shuffle off to to Buffalo; Sit by the Lake and watch the world go by.
John Fogerty 1985