Nov 29 2022 4:15PM
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At least 3 times, the Sabres have come close skating their way to Lord Stanley's Cup!                 

It may be Buffalos' unique geographic location (5 minutes from Canada).  No other American city

is within driving distance to the big 3 Canadian teams, and their great cities

(Montreal Canadians,  Ottawa Senators and of course the Toronto MapleLeafs). 

It may be that N.Y. state borders two of the best Canadian provinces, Ontario and Quebec... , the later that keeps us always having a bit of a French Connection, in our playing.  
 It may be that most

of us grew up playing hockey in our streets and rinks all over Western N.Y.   Most people do not remember that Tim Horton of the Tim Horton donut chain played for both the Buffalo Sabres and the Toronto MapleLeafs in the 1970s, and unfortunately had his fatal accident while driving from Toronto to his home in Buffalo, N.Y.

Whatever it is the Sabres keep coming back, less the bulk of other American teams, still

with all the grit, definitely the fast skating team, and everything you would expect from a good ole Northern town.

Come see our Sabres and I'm sure you will agree, In Buffalo we know our Hockey!

Hosted the Winter Classic first ever Outdoor Hockey Game in the U.S. image


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If I had my way, I'd shuffle off to to Buffalo; Sit by the Lake and watch the world go by.
John Fogerty 1985